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Hilary Benn MP announces his support for a national inquiry into child abuse

On Friday evening, Hilary Benn MP added his name to the growing list of MPs from across the political spectrum who want a national inquiry into historical cases of children sexual abuse.

The call for a national inquiry was first made by Yvette Cooper MP in November 2012 following Home Secretary, Theresa May’s reopening of the investigation into child sexual abuse at North Wales children’s homes. But it was a recent cross-party letter to the Home Secretary signed by 7 MPs (Tim Loughton, Zac Goldsmith, Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk, John Hemming, Tess Munt, and Caroline Lucas) which kick-started the current campaign which has so far led to well over 100 MPs stepping forward in support of the inquiry. Although it is for Members of Parliament to make the decision, members of the Lords have also come forward in support, and the British Association of Social Workers has asked its 15,000 members to lobby their MPs to support the inquiry.

The pressure continues to build on the Government to agree to the inquiry as members of the shadow cabinet, including Andy Burnham and now also Hilary Benn, join the call. Following Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s apology on Thursday to victims for government and NHS failures highlighted in the Savile reports, Andy Burnham challenged Jeremy Hunt that the reports were “effectively the hospitals investigating themselves”. Burnham called for an independent review, akin to the Hillsborough inquiry, into why there was “such large-scale, institutional failure to stop these abhorrent crimes.”

The NHS Leeds report into Jimmy Savile’s crimes is a valuable piece of the jigsaw but the scope of all of these individual reports cannot answer the critical question of why it was that time and time again the police and other authorities had evidence of organised sexual abuse of children but failed to stop the abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice.

In MP Simon Danczuk’s book, Smile for the Camera, he provides damning evidence of how the Westminster elite were able to work with the police and MI5 to ensure Cyril Smith MP was never brought to justice – “There was a network at the highest level that was out to protect him at every turn”. And there are many other cases, such as the disappearance of a dossier of evidence about powerful and politically connected paedophiles shared with a previous Home Secretary by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP, and the failure to properly investigate and bring abusers to justice in the Elm Guest House and Grafton Close Children’s Home cases.

Please write to your MP if they are yet to state their position on the call for a national inquiry into historical child abuse.

What do you see?

Prince Charles taking advice on board from Jimmy Savile

Prince Charles: not a good judge of character

What do you see when you look at this photograph (left) of Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile? A lot of people think that the close friendship Prince Charles had with Jimmy Savile is evidence of a paedophile network, fueled by Jimmy ‘The Fixer’, with entrails running through the upper echelons of British society. It’s certainly an intriguing proposition. Prince Charles was apparently mentored by Lord Mountbatten whose older brother George apparently had a huge collection of paedophilic and zoophilic pornography. Although there seems to be no evidence for the latter – just blog after blog repeating the statement without question. But one thing is for sure – Jimmy Savile did get very close to Prince Charles. Charles asked Savile for advice before selecting Sir Christopher Airy as his private secretary in 1990. Savile, a Radio 1 DJ, actually interviewed Airy on behalf of Charles. Charles even took advice from Savile on his doomed marriage to Diana. Continue reading

Savile and how he got away with it: The 3 questions everyone needs to consider.

The "Giving Victims A Voice" report which showed the geographical and chronological breadth of Savile's offending uncovered so far.

The “Giving Victims A Voice” report which showed the geographical and chronological breadth of Savile’s offending uncovered so far.

The  “Giving Victims a Voice” report of 11th January 2013 tells us that Savile carried out his abuse from 1955 to 2009;  that 214 crimes have been recorded so far – but at least 450 have been identified in the last few months but not recorded due to “some people wishing to remain anonymous and others who don’t wish the matter to be reported as a crime or are unable to remember sufficient detail.” There will be many more victims who felt they could not come forward at all, or who died prior to Operation Yewtree. The abuse occurred across the UK including London, Leeds, Scotland, Wales and Jersey; in hospitals, hospices, tv studios, children’s homes; and the victims were female and male ranging from 8 to 47.

Following the release of the report, the police and media have posed the question, “How did he get away with it?” This question needs to be split into three: Continue reading

I <3 Wikipedia

400 million people go to Wikipedia for information every month. The CIA, the Vatican and Bell Pottinger are among those who have tried, and failed, to subvert the integrity of Wikipedia’s content. Use Wikipedia to share your research and make the world a better place.

I love Wikipedia so much that last week I gave the people running it £5 of my hard-earned money to help keep the site free from commercial influence. I’d previously thought that giving money to Wikipedia undermined the principle of it being “free”, but then I realised that this kind of thinking was symptomatic of the hippy mindset that ruined so many “free” music concerts in the 1960’s and 70’s when the musicians had the audacity to ask for a contribution to the petrol for their tour bus and vengeful hippies smashed the place up… so I put my hand in my pocket. Continue reading