How to save someone’s life using a mobile phone

First Aid apps for your phone

First Aid apps for your phone

About 18 months ago I had the chance to go on a First Aid course through my work. I really enjoyed it and came out the other end all pumped up and ready to save some lives. But then nothing happened. I had a couple of (thankfully) minor events at home: my daughter grazed her knee (antiseptic wipe, plaster) and my neighbour burned her finger on the oven (cold water), but it wasn’t until last week that I got my first proper call at work after someone spilt hot water on their hand. The St. John’s Ambulance man who trained me was right about everything apart from one thing: all the stuff you learned on the course doesn’t necessarily come back to when you need it – you will forget if you don’t have chance to practice. Fortunately I had my First Aid Book to hand and was able to double-check what to do (although there was no cling film in my work-issue first aid box!) But it made me realise I needed to swot up and be better prepared. I wondered whether there were any good apps to install on my phone and came across two free British Red Cross apps, one for adults and one for babies and small children. You can download them here. I think everyone should have these on their phones. If you’ve already been trained then they give a great reminder about what to do. If you’ve not been trained then you can work through some tutorials, although most First Aid doesn’t require any great skill – it’s just about knowing what to do when something happens – the apps give you that knowledge.



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  2. chrisb

    Re: George Osborne and Natalie Rowe

    You know that the NOTW have had all the info on GO’s drug taking and sexual indiscretions since around 2005? That it was GO that introduced Coulson to Cameron? I would think that it is of public interest to know that GO has been in Murdoch’s pocket for years. NR was also visited by the Met on a spurious premise in an attempt to find something to discredit her. I would think that it is of public interest that the Met harasses someone presumably on a nod and a wink from the Chancellor. The raid may be part of a wider agreement between the Met and Osborne and Cameron. Has Cameron agreed to ignore the conspiracy by police officers to decide who can and who cannot be a cabinet minister, in exchange for the Met dealing with GO’s difficulty and helping Cameron through Brooks and Coulson’s upcoming trials? Unless we deal with this rotten triumvirate of press, police and politicians, we will never have fair and equitable Government policies.

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