Jamie Oliver, genius

Jamie Oliver holding a knife between his teeth

Jamie Oliver, genius

You have to take your hat off to Jamie Oliver. It takes real skill to pull off a marketing campaign like the one he just has to promote his new book and TV series. If his aim had been even slightly off and he’d insulted black people or Muslims he could have landed himself in big trouble – politicians might have gotten involved, even the police, but with a deft hand he insulted only poor people and women. And with an uncanny knack of hitting the zeitgeist squarely on the head, he understood that the nation is in no mood for backing down to trolling. We rose to meet his taunting like a salmon leaping upstream into the paws of a grizzly bear.

As a tribute to Jamie, here’s a ‘Money-Saving Meal’ from my own repertoire. At 87p per portion it’s perhaps a little too cheap for Jamie’s cheap meals, but it’s what we had for tea yesterday so there you go.

1st course:

8 x Quorn sausages (pan-fried from frozen)
Oven fries (oven-cooked from frozen)
Raw salad: grated carrot, sliced white cabbage and onion
Peas (steamed from frozen)

Garnish: salad cream, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, hot chilli sauce (if liked)

2nd course:

A small amount of chocolate ice cream because the kids ate their peas.


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