Maureen and the Dog Poo Fairy

Dog Poo Fairy (there's no such thing as)Two really good things happened on my street recently. Firstly, a few people have been letting their dogs crap all over the payment, and secondly, my partner reversed our car into the lady opposite’s car.

The car crash was good because, if it hadn’t happened, we probably wouldn’t have got to know the lady opposite. She now has a name, “Maureen”, whereas before we referred to her as “pop socks” because there was always a pair on her line. We found out she was feeling a bit insecure since her husband had passed away, even fixing her back door so it wouldn’t open (there is very little crime in our street). She brought sweets around for our kids at Easter. We wave hello. My partner chatted to her sister who was over from Australia – her partner Wol, who has never visited England before, says he wants to move to Yorkshire (having seen it on a sunny day).

The dog crap was good because it brought neighbours on the street together for a common cause. After my partner had complained to the council numerous times, and after we’d twice reported the man at No.15 who we’d seen letting his greyhound crap on the path, we were sent some Dog Poo Fairy posters to display. Different neighbours were asked to display them who, it turned out, were also angry about the dog poo. Some of them had complained to the council as well. In fact, a few weeks ago, a neighbour further down the street had actually put a sign on the man at No.15’s gate strongly suggesting that he picked up his dog’s poo. So the Dog Poo Fairy posters went up in windows and were sellotaped to wheelie bins. And although it may be cruel coincidence, there’s been a lot less dog crap on the pavement recently.


One comment

  1. godtisx

    This actually made me smile, during a hard time. We have a similar problem in my neighborhood. Makes me really angry. I should say something…

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