A very short discussion on Buddhism and the National Lottery

Like Björk, I’m no Buddhist, but I appreciate the idea that habitual gambling is psychologically damaging because it is motivated by, and perpetuates, delusion, greed and false notions of good and bad luck. I also think that there is some truth in the notion of the National Lottery being a tax on the poor. It certainly distracts people’s attention and resources away from real issues, both within and outside of their own lives.

People may convince themselves the National Lottery is about raising money for charities, but charity begins in the head – how many ticket buyers know what the National Lottery is doing with their money? Are ticket buyers happy that £425 million was diverted from charities to fund the Olympics?

A mindfulness trainer and Buddhist of 40 years told me how practising mindfulness stops you thinking in terms of moving from A to B. The idea is to instead become happy being at A, which is where we always are really. Here.

Anyway, I cancelled my direct debit to the National Lottery this morning.


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