Further PIE research

Left to Right: Charles Oxley (infiltrated PIE), Sir Peter Hayman (PIE member protected by Government), Stephen Freeman - John Morrison - John Parratt (convicted PIE members), Lord Carrington (against who LaRouche make strong allegations)

Left to Right: Charles Oxley (infiltrated PIE), Sir Peter Hayman (PIE member protected by Government), Stephen Freeman – John Morrison – John Parratt (convicted PIE members), Lord Carrington (against who LaRouche make strong allegations)

Further to the Paedophile Information Exchange research posted here, some further information and leads below.

  • Charles Oxley (head teacher) who infiltrated PIE suggested it had over 1000 members worldwide (Oxley was member no.909?), 200 of which were in Scotland. Oxley almost got the full membership list before a journalist blew his cover.
  • He noticed some members were sending memos on Home Office notepaper.
  • Wandsworth jail which housed O’Carroll colluded with him to smuggle paedophile literature in and out.
  • The Home Office refused to outlaw PIE.
  • Scotland Yards Obscene Publications Squad were furious that attorney general Sir Michael Havers refused to press charges against Peter Hayman.
  • Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw refused to name Peter Hayman (so Geoffrey Dickens MP did).


Richard Maurice Clive Bigham was a member of PIE, and convicted. He was introduced to a 10 year old ‘child prostitute’ by a man named “Spielman” who he paid £70 to. The girl’s mother was charged. Links to Holland and Italy were established.

Possible PIE member/definite associate: Michael Studdert. Arrested for child pornography with O’Carroll.

Other organisations O’Carroll was in: International Paedophile Child Emancipation Group; Gentlemen Without An Interesting Name.

In 2003, O’Carroll took part in a BBC4 ‘After Dark’ live debate to talk about his views.

O’Carroll convicted for smuggling indecent images from Qatar, but this was overturned.

David Bremner charged in 1983 of various sexual offences including publication of ‘Contact Number 6’.

Images of Steven Freeman, John Morrison, John Parratt

‘Persons of interest’: Stephen King AKA Stephen Gosling; Phillip Greaves II

Lord Carrington, PIE, Government & Royal paedophile ring article from 1983 (pdf under ‘International’ section).

NOTE: A huge amount of research on PIE and child abuse is published on the exposed website, and the spotlightonabuse and needleblog>operationgreenlight blogs.


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