BBC News censor Steubenville High School rape case

The BBC censor  the Steubenville High School Rape case; one of the most important news stories of early 2013.

The BBC censor the Steubenville High School Rape case; one of the most important news stories of early 2013.

Anonymous group’s intervention into the Steubenville High School rape case is, for me at least, one of the most important news stories around. There’s a summary on the alternet site here.

I’d have thought a rape case this shocking would be reported world-wide, but when you add in that the truth is only being exposed thanks to a group of hackers wearing Guy Fawkes masks it’s inconceivable that this isn’t on the front page of every news paper.

However, search the BBC News website for “Steubenville” and not one result comes up about this story. The Guardian do little better: an article on 1st Jan 2013 saying that the outcry about the Delhi gang rape is hypocritical when there is no outcry about Steubenville – but no mention of Anonymous; no article since New Years Day.

It always amazed me that Project Censored list “BBC News” as an independent news site.  See their Royal coverage if more proof were needed.

There’s a history to this censored reporting of Anonymous and hacktivist led events:
“In order to draw attention to John Major’s Criminal Justice Bill, a group of cyber-activists staged an event in which they “kidnapped” 80s counter-cultural hero Tim Leary at a book launch for Chaos & Cyberculture held on Guy Fawkes Day 1994, and then proceeded to “force him to DDoS government websites”. Leary called the event an “Intervasion”. The Intervasion was preceded by mass email-bombing and denial of service attacks against government servers with some success. Although ignored by the mainstream media, the event was reported on Free Radio Berkeley.”

It’s inconceivable that the BBC do not know of this story. They have taken a deliberate decision not to cover it. This is censorship by omission. The Delhi rape case gets reported of course – our old colonial subjects are barbarians aren’t they? – and it could never happen here. The most shared BBC website news story? “Cat arrested at Brazil prison”. Sigh.

Update 7/1/13 AM: Guardian print this story.  Still nothing on BBC news website. I contacted the BBC yesterday and await their reply.

Update 7/1/13 PM: Yahoo! News UK & Ireland print this story. Still nothing from the BBC.

Update 9/1/13: still no BBC news story. I have sent a FOI to the BBC asking a number of questions around how they decide which news stories to include within their content and which to omit. I will post the response to this when I have it.

Update 10/1/13: the BBC now publish this story.


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