Dear Amazon: Pay your taxes like the rest of us

Having learnt a lot (but still understanding little of the technicalities) about the tax avoidance of Amazon, Starbucks etc. from reading Richard Murphy’s blog, I thought I’d include a protest paragraph in a review of the Crisis of Civilisation DVD I recently bought.

Amazon published the review without amendment, except for removing two URLs I’d included, which is fair enough as per their review terms and conditions. Below is the review with the URLs added back in. I have just edited the review on Amazon to name the sites rather than include the actual URLs – it should be updated within 48hrs.

“Mandatory viewing (PS Amazon: pay your taxes like the rest of us). 3 Jan 2013

Plenty has been written about this film, so I will keep this short. I think it’s mandatory viewing for anyone wanting to understand what’s happening in the world today – and what is probably going to happen next. There are many places to go after this film, but here’s one: []

NB The film is on YouTube for free viewing.

Finally, the tax avoiding behaviour of Amazon is an integral part of this story. Corporate tax avoidance contributes to inequality, to employment, and builds resentment within society. The UK Public Accounts Committee recently said, “At the hearing we were frustrated with the representative from Amazon, who we found evasive and unprepared to answer legitimate questions on the company’s structure and the true location of its economic activity.” Read more here: []

Dear Amazon: Pay your taxes like the rest of us.”


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